Frequently asked questions

Do you have an administrative or technical question? Check the frequently asked questions here.

If your question is not listed below, please contact our customer service by calling 085 - 130 74 37 or send an email to

We will then address your query as soon as possible.

Administrative questions

What are the tariffs?

The tariffs can be found on the page tariffs.

What do the items on my annual statement mean?

The rates are annually determined by the Authority Consumer and Market. You can read more on the ACM on the rates page.

What can I do in the customer portal?

In the consumer portal you can adjust your personal data, view your consumption, view your invoices and change your advance fee.

I want to adjust my advance fee or change something else. How do I do that?

In the customer portal you can easily adjust your advance fee. You can do this by following Settings, Advance, Change. From the first subsequent billing moment, the chosen advance amount will take effect. Of course, you can also contact our customer service staff for this at 085 - 130 74 37.

I want to change my payment method. How do I do that?

In the customer portal you can easily change your payment method. You can do this by following Settings, Data, Change. You have the option to pay by direct debit or iDEAL. If you choose for iDEAL, you will receive an invoice by email every month. When paying by iDEAL, you can also choose to transfer the amount to us monthly.

I am a new resident. How can I sign up?

Welcome to BuitenStad Energie. You can sign up on the sign up page.

I am moving soon. What do I need to do?

You can register your moving on the moving page. For quick processing, we ask you to complete the documents together with the old or new occupant when handing over the keys.

A family member/acquaintance has passed away. What do I need to arrange?

Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you by calling 085 - 130 48 29.

  • Will the property stay within the family (for now)? Then the new owner can register one the page sign up.
  • If the lease is terminated or the house is sold, you can fill out the form on the page move out. Under Who fills out this form? choose I am filling out the form for a deceased family member/acquaintance.
Can I pay by direct debit?

BuitenStadEnergie prefers that you pay by direct debit. During the first login, you may or may not have opted for this. If you want to change this preference, you can do so in our customer portal via Settings, Data, Change.

What is the privacy policy of BuitenStadEnergie?

Our privacy policy can be found here.

What are the connection, delivery and general terms and conditions?

For this you can view the PDF documents on the documents page.

Can I also sign a contract for electricity with BuitenStadEnergie?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. BuitenStadEnergie only provides sustainable heat supply and not electricity.

How can I use my heat installation (financially) sustainable?
  • The system checks every 2/3 hours whether it has to heat or cool. It can take up to 8 till 10 hours before the room temperature is adjusted to the requested temperature. If you want to go from a low temperature to a high temperature, it takes extra power. That is why we advise you to maintain the thermostat at a constant temperature;
  • Do not leave windows and doors open unnecessarily to prevent heat/cold loss;
  • Balanced ventilation on a normal/low setting reduces the flow of cold/hot outside air into your home;
  • It is important that the underfloor heating can dissipate heat properly;
  • Use tap water sparingly.

Technical questions

What do I need to do in case of emergencies, breakdowns or questions?

This information can be found on the page calamities. Bij een calamiteit kunt u altijd direct telefonisch contact met ons opnemen via 085 - 130 74 37.

Zijn er nu (of binnenkort) werkzaamheden aan het systeem?

Bij gepland onderhoud of updates over storingen plaatsen wij een nieuwsbericht op de pagina voor calamities.

Hoe kan ik mijn warmtemeter uitlezen?

Download de handleiding op de pagina documents page.

Calamities and malfunctions

Zie pagina calamiteiten en storingen voor uitleg